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I'm new to the site and just saying hello all. Wish I had found this years ago. I'm 47 and have had RA for 22 years. Been on every treatment out there and now am on Rituxan infusions, Arava, methotrexate and Mobic. I'm wondering if anyone else has had significant hair loss and if anything has helped??? The disease has done so much to my body I wish it'd leave my hair alone!

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  • Hi and welcome you really have been through the mill mine is very short so wouldn't notice but I've seen a lot of people on this site with that problem

  • Thanks! I'll have to search the site a bit more. I've tried Rogaine and Nioxin, neither worked. I guess I'll be investing in a wig. 😢

  • I started with the hair loss but started taking Folic Acid and the loss stopped. Hope this helps.

  • I had that problem horribly!!!! I have shorter hair but it came out in handfuls, especially in the shower. I stopped washing it every day, which helped some, but my bathroom sink still looked like Bigfoot was groomed in my bathroom. Then I got this pop-up on my Facebook for some shampoo and conditioner for hair loss. Figured it couldn't hurt. It has made a huge difference! It's called Purad'or premium organic solutions. "Hair loss prevention therapy shampoo" "daily follicle stimulator". It seems like I thought it was a tad pricey (not sure, it's been a while since I ordered any) but I was desperate. I hope this helps!

  • Are you taking folic acid along with you other Meds? This will help prevent that.

  • Thank y'all for the replies! I've been taking folic acid daily for years, but it hasn't stopped hair loss. I used Nioxin but that actually seemed to make it worse. I've always had thin hair and it's hard to hide hair loss with already thin hair! Ill check out what ilovemyhusband has tried! Y'all have a great day!

  • They say folic acid works.

  • Now I am taking mtx and arava too. I had hair loss at the very beginning when I took mtx and prednisolone, it stopped after many months later.

    I am very sorry for your case after so long the hair loss issue still continue. I suggest you talk to your rheumy to see what can help. I did talk to my rheumy when it happened, she said the benefits that mtx gave me would be so much more than the hair thinning. Unless the hair came out in batches else just ignore it. So I did ignore it and I am glad it stopped after many months later.

  • My rheumy advised that all of the meds cause hair loss and it was a trade off. I can't come off the meds. I'm seeing my dermatologist soon so I'll see if he has any suggestions. I've tried several OTC remedies but none worked. I also have hypothyroidism so that works on the hair too. I don't have great hair and winter is around the corner...maybe I'll invest in a great wig! I'm so embarrassed by having nearly no bangs left and a part getting wider and wider. Vain I know, but the disease has destroyed my hands and wrists. I'd like to keep my hair! Thanks Amy_Lee

  • I got off the methotrexate and on sulfasalizine instead. Folic acid is a must if you don't want hair loss. 1000mg a day. I don't have hair loss when I am not on methotrexate. I use Orencia intravenous once a month as it works better than all the others. I use enteric coated sulfasalizine so it doesn't upset my stomach

  • I think you mean 1000 micrograms? The maximum daily dose for people with anemia is 1-5 milligrams. My dr prescribed 1mg, but now I'm taking 2-3 per day with food to help stop thinning hair....

  • Thanks. I can't take sulfasalazine due to allergy. I stopped taking methotrexate for a while with no difference in hair loss. I've been taking folic acid for years and do Rituxan infusions. I've been on all the others but they did not work well for me. Rituxan seems to be the best for me. Dermatologist told me to use men's Rogaine. He said women's is a waste of time and money. We will see how it works.

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