Bicycling and numb feet

I was diagnosed with RA in March of this year. I am curious if anyone else who cycles has trouble with their feet going numb and what can be done to correct it. I just completed RAGBRAI this year (minus 1.5 days of it). When cycling, i use the clipless pedals but my feet frequently go numb and it is very painful. I am currently on Methotrexate (25mg weekly) and Plaquenil (200mg BID). If I unclip my feet, the numbness subsides fairly quickly but once i clip back in, the numbness will return. Any tips appreciated.

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  • I ride 5 miles a day on my stationary bike and my feel also go numb. I take 1.5 tabs of plaquenil and have started on Humiria. I see my Rhematologist in a few days I am going to ask him about it.

  • My toes and feet swell and there are times that they feel frozen. I am not cycling when this happens. If I stand on my feet too much my toes and ankles hurt.

  • I have a lot of numbness and tingling in my feet generally, often when I sit and sometimes when I swim laps. I am taking the natural approach. I'd love to hear what your dr says about it

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