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Hi! I just signed up because I am having trouble coping with the constant pain fatigue. Looking for more ways of getting through the day with a positive attitude. I will share my experiences as well. Unless you have experienced chronic pain, inflammation, and extreme tiredness, you can't understand. People try to help by giving suggestions but my body is beyond many of their suggestions. People ask me every day how I am and expect me to be better every day but this doesn't work that way! I just say I'm okay or good because they do not want a description of how my vday is really going. It is OK, I understand they are clueless but well intentioned. They do want to see me improve. Thanks, later!

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  • Hi my name is Valentina And I know What that pain stiffness mood swing hair loss extream fatigue it's so awful.. And how u try to explain why u can't go out and there like awww it will get better do this drink that work out. Am like work out I can't even move with out the pain .. I do take the prednisone terrible medication I have gain 35 pound in 4 month anyway it not easy stay away from sugar bread salt cookies even pasta. It hurt when I eat that stuff.. Don't give up get a good Dr

  • I understand completely! Have had RA for 15 years! I do take vitamins! Super B but check with Dr reacts to some meds

  • I have had RA for just over 14 years. I agree with you, people don't understand the fatigue and the pain unless they have been there. In addition, RA affects people differently. With some people you can see very visible damage in their hands in their feet. In other people, like me there damage is internal with their damage being in the cartilage and heart and lungs liver other body organs. If you look at me I look perfectly healthy, but if you look at my medical records you would be surprised that I'm still living. It's all in the attitude. Some days are horrible and some days are better.

    People try to help and they have good intentions. But do your own research and know that there is no cure for this disease but what you have to do is stop the progression of the disease. And cherry juice does not work. I hope you have a better day or should I say good days ahead sending lots of hugs, Denise

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