New here!!

New here!!

Hello all !! I'm a 60yr young girlie with a tough disease. I was dx about 40yrs ago and have been through almost every med and treatment available. Most recently, Xeljanz , and had to discontinue due to needing a hip replacement. Now I have 4 titanium joints keeping me together. It's been a freaky, frightening experience that at times leaves me feeling a bit lonely. I'm happy but missing out on important things going on. I should be up and out in 10-14 more days. I am walking pretty good w the help of the coveted pain meds to maintain any type of normal quality life.

I look forward to your postings and if you guys have any questions for me please do not hesitate. I'm going to be all better someday.

Best wishes everyone !!!


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  • I feel your pain, I'm almost 52 & have been dealing with this for 26 years. I've also been on every Med for RA, nothing has even slowed it down. I have every auto immune disease except MS & Chrons. I'm researching stem cells now. Thoughts & Prayers are with you.

  • Hi MsMona!

    Thanks for your prayers.

    Staying positive and abundant prayer are the most important in coping w our ongoing issues.

    Like you, all treatments may work for a short time but eventually fail. I am happy for any type of relief for however long. So now I am considering trying Xeljanz again because it did make me feel a little more energetic and I noticed decreased inflammation in my hands. I was taking it for only 4 weeks when my hip gave out. Now that I'm recovering after 4 more weeks w a replacement I want to give it another go, if I can afford it. I'll be posting progress on that.

    Hope you have good luck moving forward w the stem cell treatment. It's a very involved procedure that just could be our best chances for remission.

    {{{hugs}}}, Bec

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