Canal floaters - made w6r2 unique

Canal floaters - made w6r2 unique

So I'm visiting the in-laws in manchester and decided I'd run down the local canal path and just turn back when the podcast called 1/2 way. The sun was shining, gentle breeze and lots to see until I came across a half sunken teddy bear in the water, on closer inspection it appeared to be a cat. Poor bugger. Then further down the path there was a dead blackbird in a pile of feathers. Kinda gross but I kept going on and on, thinking the next bridge would enable me to jog back on the other side

How wrong was I. Building works had resulted in the other side being blocked off so I took a peak and thought if I walked gently down the very narrow path I'd eventually get to the path. Wrong again, I had to pick up Baxter (my dog), scale a fence onto a private drive (where I cut my thumb) and navigate my way through a rather posh housing complex to a main road. Again, unsure of where I was I had to ask a lovely old lady which way to Monton.

All in all the run was great, rather than 39 mins and 4.7 km I ended up out for 1 hour and 7.3 km.

RIP kitty and black bird.


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8 Replies

  • Oh good grief, unique experience for sure. LOL

    Well done though. :-)

  • I was a bit worried when I read your title 'floaters' because really nasty things came to mind, its a name we have up here in NE Scotland for body waste. (too much info, I'm sorry).

    Sounds like you had a good run apart from the bodies though, well done its a nice surprise when you suddenly find you have extended your PB distance by accident. I'll bet Baxter enjoyed himself too. :)

  • You'll be pleased to know a floater is same here in essex too! :-)

  • e.g not usually a dead cat.

  • Well at least you had an adventure. If a bit grim. Don't apply to work for Manchester tourist board anytime soon! :-)

  • Well that's given my belly a good bit of exercise! Couldn't stop laughing - (not at the sad RIP bits). Floaters are the same in warwickshire and kent too!

    Glad you had a good adventure anyway! Hope the thumb mends soon. Maybe have a tetanus booster if you're going to do any more wild adventures!

  • Down here in Hampshire floaters are the same thing (ie body waste). I must admit I read the title of the blog and thought twice about reading it as I was eating at the time. Didn't want to be put off my grub. But as a cat lover, I found myself sad and feeling sorry for the owner whose beloved pet isn't coming home for his tea tonight :(

    Good blog though :)

  • Sounds more like an army assault course than a gentle run! At least you can say it was not dull. Shame about the cat though.

    What next? Can't wait to hear the next blog. Good luck to you.

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