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Failure at wk 7 run 3!

After my rejoicing at completing wk 6 run 3 and not finding it too hard. I went onto week 7 quite confident and did the first run but found it really hard I wanted to stop after about 2 minutes. But I did finish it and then found run 2 a lot easier and could of carried on running. But disaster I did run 3 today and just found it so hard - the wind was so strong in my face and I had horrible blisters so when it got to 12.5 minutes I stopped and walked for a couple of minutes and then ran the rest.

Feel quite disheartened as uptil now everything had gone smoothly. I'm going to keep going but not sure whether to start week 7 from scratch or just do run 3 again and see how things go and then onto week 8.

Any advice would be lovely - I am wondering if the reason why the easyness of the runs varys so much could be due to my diet - as I have given up meat for lent.

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Don't get discouraged, keep at it!

If this was me I would give it the usual rest day, treat the blisters, and have another go at the problem run - plan A.

If that went well I would move on.

Plan B for me would kick in if I didn't conquer the run at the second attempt and would be to repeat the whole week as often as necessary.

Not sure about the diet; I think the intricacies of managing carbohydrate intake are for much bigger distances than we run on this programme? (It's the carbs that fuel us for about 2 hours I think, hence the "wall" part way through a marathon)

Good luck!


Don't discount the effect of the weather - wind in your face does physically and psychologically make it harder to run. If you carried on and ran the rest after a short break it's not that big a deal really. Maybe it was just a 'bad run' - they seem to come out of nowhere, for no particular reason.

Can you work out what caused the blisters, so you don't get them again? Maybe new socks/shoes would help - or lacing your shoes differently if it's because your feet slip around? The thought of running with blisters - eeek! Sounds very painful. Hope you can get them sorted fast.


I hated week7. I think quite a few of us struggled with that week. Its the first week of continuous running and Laura is less in evidence than in week8 & 9. You've done very well on a tough week of the programme, in horrible weather. IMO weeks 8 & 9 are easier and much more enjoyable, so you've a lot to look forward to now.

To be honest its up to you re what to do next. I'm sure you could achieve week8. Some people would choose to redo the run, others in your situation move on and are fine. If you feel you struggled with the week overall, then I suggest redo R3. Its just one run and it may help make week8 & 9 easier.

Or if you give week8 a go, you can always stop at 25 minutes instead of going onto 28 minutes if you find it too hard.

Often the easiness of runs is unknowable! It could be due to diet but it could be down to time of day you run, weather, when you last had food,your health, mood etc etc. You need to make sure you're getting enough good quality protein particularly from W7 onwards. Peanut butter is my favourite post-run snack. I'm not a vegetarian but I'm sure others will advise on good sources of protein for you.

Good luck!


Thanks for all your lovely advice - I'm hoping the blisters will sort themselves out by Tuesday - its on the same place on both feet on the inner side. I'm wearing proper running socks and I bought some new trainers in Jan which I had no problems with until I started to do long runs - not sure if I need to bite the bullet and go up a level and buy some more proper running shoes -although the ones I have are good shoes just more beginner ones.

I think i'm going to go for a repeat of run 3 and hope all goes well! I'm really enjoying the running and look forward to my run days - I'm glad to hear that week 8 and 9 are a bit easier because I would love to get to running for 30 minutes and hopefully 5k.

Thanks again - I will let you know how I go!


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