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Back in the saddle

I actually started the C25K last January, got injured 2 runs in and had 3 weeks off, then started again mid-February and graduated in May. A week or so later I was hit by plantar fasciitis and had to stop running for months. Plus I then returned to work part-time following my mat leave, started counselling for my post-natal depression and it just became that much harder to find the time, what with having to plan runs round my husband and 2 small kids (now age 3 and 20 months respectively.

But, I now have had my gait analysed, have proper running trainers (pricey!) and am getting back in the saddle finally. I also have 14 weeks to lose 14lb before my brother's wedding, so that is good motivation. Whenever I can't be arsed, I just picture the photos from my wedding, in which my youngest brother (then 17) will forever be immortalised looking like an idiot because he refused to cut his hair. I would like to be immortalised looking damn fine, personally!

So I am starting again from week one, and did run 1 on Tuesday and run 2 on Friday. It went well, and it's amazing how much fitter I am than this time last year, just from having done the programme for a short time. It was a bit colder than I'd like, thus I suffered from stitches in the first half of the run (seem to have more issues with breathing in really cold weather) but overall was really good. Just need to try and go every other day really rather than just 3 timea a week, because I want to lose as much fat as possible before I have to go buy my dress after Easter. :-/

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Well done!! I started again in JAnuary too, and you're right - it's amazing how much easier it is second time round!

Sounds like you have all the motivation you need - and you've done the hardest bit by startign again!! Well done and keep going!! :-)


Welcome back Jen!!!! :-) Gayle


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