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SHIN PAIN - Could it be shin splints?

Can anyone advise me?

I have been experiencing pain in my left lower leg. It's not actually in the shin but to the left of my shin, low down where the leg meets the foot. I think its just musle pain? It hurts like hell when im running, but the walking is worse. Im week 2 run 2 today and it was killing me. The other foot has started hurting today too. When i feel that area it feels like there is a muscle there so im wondering if it's just lack of excercise over the last ten years that is causing my pain. Perhaps, if i keep going, it will get better? I've heard of the terrible 'Shin Splints' and im scared i will have to give up my new found hobbie! The pain is quite bad when im stretching afterwards, but it goes quickly, within five minutes of stopping. It doesn't hurt later that day and it doesn't hurt me the next day. Is this the symptoms of shin splints and if so, what can i do? Does tubigrip or kinesio tape help? Should i only run on grass? I have a middle of the range pair of running trainers. ~Will it help to buy really expensive trainers. My husband says that i run flat footed. I do try to land in the centre of my foot and definatley dont think i heel strike. Im trying to keep my feet landing under my hips. ~Any advice would be really welcome. Thanks, and happy running.

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I get really bad shin pain and I don't think it is shin splits.ii think it is just the shock of exercise to my legs. Doing good stretches after my run does help and have been told I should invest in a foam roller as this would help to stretch out the muscles. Sometimes it is so painful I can only hobble around however my pain tends to start after running not during a and I am no expert. If you are worried it might be worth getting it checked out. Hope you recover soon


I get a very similar problem, also only in my left leg. I find stretching before the warm up and then making sure the walk is brisk helps. Also I find as I'm running if I focus for a few seconds on relaxing that muscle that changes my gait slightly and it seems to help. Good luck!


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