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A View from the Bench

So I havent run this week at all :( This sucks beyond the telling of it.

First my feet. I wasnt sure what was wrong and after a little googleing and a chat with a podiatrist friend of mine I discovered I'd strained my plantar fasciitis. I was promtly told to keep of it till it felt 100% for risk of straining it furthur and it taking up to a year (up to A YEAR!!!) to repair.

Then I got sick. Having had the flu two years ago I know better than to say it was that but it was/is a pretty horrible cold which makes not coughing while sitting still a chore so running is a definate no go!

I've still a twinge in my foot, it's not too bad but I'm seriously scared to run on it now/if I ever got shot of this bug.

It's so disheartening when the problem is your body not your brain.

Anyway just having a good old moan. I might try starting week 5 or repeating week 4 towards the end of the week if i've managed to piece myself back together by then!

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I know how you feel (have just written about having to go back to week 3 even though I'd graduated in the summer) & can totally sympathise with the frustration you must be feeling.

I did have a problem with plantar fascilitis a while ago (probably caused by cheap, badly fitting shoes), it did clear up quite quickly & fortunately hasn't re-occurred with running, I also know of other people who have had similar problems that got better with decent footwear so hopefully yours will clear up soon.

I don't have any medical training so others might advise differently, but I think I have learnt from experience that you need to make sure you're completely better before running again. Good luck with it & I hope it doesn't take too long before you're clear of colds & injures.


Nope don't run with plantar faciitis until it is fully healed and even then leave it for a couple of weeks.

I'm into week 5 of not running after developing planar faciitis after doing a 10k run. I could hardly walk for a week so maybe I've got a worst case than you.

It took a while for it to sink in that I wasn't going to be running again for a while but I've accepted its better not to run until it's properly healed else like you say it can take years to heal. I can't see myself running for another 3-4 weeks at the moment so it's going to be around 2 months overall I reckon. Sorry to be the bearing of bad news but there is stuff you can do to reduce the healing time.

What advice have you had? I've seen two different doctors and a sports physio. All have told me to do different things. The 2nd doctor I saw gave me the worst advice by recommending I take 800mg of ibruprofen 3 times a day. I tried this and thought I had overdosed after taking the 2nd lot. I felt really really ill.

What I have been doing is taking 400mg of ibruprofen 3 times a day and also doing 3 stretching and strengthening sessions 3 times a day as well.

This website is really good and has free videos showing what stretches to do to ease the inflamation

I also ended up buying the medical devices that are recommended but I reckon I could do without. You could do with some insoles though to raise your heal when your in shoes. You shoes also need to be supportive to wear your running shoes if you can.

If I was to do it again I would buy some seperate heal inserts for my shoes.

Another good idea is to freeze water in a little soda pop bottle and then roll your foot up and down it as this promotes blood flow and reduces swelling.

Of course it would be better to visit a doctor or see a proper sports physio than take advice off someone on the internet but thought it would help you a bit more to get some information from a fellow sufferer!

I am also ill in bed with weird flu like bug so have managed to waste a bit of time by writing this essay!


Hi there,

I suffered from plantar faciitis 5 years ago, but went to see a podiatrist who made prescription insoles for me and also treated the area with ultrasound. I have to say that I haven't had a flare up since (and I no longer need to wear the insoles) so it may be worth looking into ultrasound treatment.

Hope this helps.


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