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Gait analysis and treadmills

Driven on by my painful shins, I visited a 'proper' running shop for the first time today.

My intention was to buy some Rock tape to try in said painful shins. I described the pain in my shins to the very nice people at the shop and ended up having my gait analysed.

Now I've never been on a treadmill before. Well, I did once, at a hospital, walking and measuring my lung output (asthma!), but I've never run on one before. What a weird experience! I don't know how you people that do this whole programme on a treadmill manage it. I couldn't even let go. I resisted the urge to advise the shop employees to stand back to lower the risk of injury due to the fact that I wasn't wearing a sports bra and they were likely to suffer concussion if they stood too close. Running in a skirt was also an odd experience.

It turns out that I neither over or under-pronate. Terribly conventional and well behaved (neither of which I have ever been accused of being before). The nice young man (I'm getting old!) recommended that I just need shoes with more cushioning to help with my shins.

Well I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Oops, bought new trainers!

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Hope they help - at least they should be super comfy.


You ended up spending more than you expected today, earl-grey- sian, but look on it as an investment in your future! Hopefully, they'll help your sore shins. Good luck! :)


Good luck with the new shoes! I'm sure it will be money very well spent :)


Almost snap for me! Have spent a terrifying sum of money but I had too many hairy moments in the forest the other day to put off trail shoes any longer. Although they said that for trail shoes gait analysis isn't particularly relevant, so I could have saved myself a trip really - except that I do have the option to return the shoes if they are not right even if they are covered in mud (which I think he knew they would be since I took my old ones in to show him) I'm not sure I've got what I really wanted (I don't mean looks, since they'll be covered in mud) but we'll see whether I've got what I needed, if that makes sense.


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