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As my speed / time is increasing with my running, I've started noticing what look like small blisters on the inside of my foot. Thankfully not sore and not uncomfortable at all. ...I have some plasters to cover them with next time I hit the treadmill to be on the safe side, but also wondered if wearing two pairs of socks might prevent the rubbing that caused them?

Should I keep them covered all the time (eg, i'm going shopping this afternoon, should I stick with the plaster / two sock routine while I'm traipsing round town) and also, does the skin ever "toughen up" so blisters are less common?

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I know what you mean - the increase in running time makes a big difference. I got some double layered socks from the Runbreeze website and they are really comfy. The two layers of fabric rub together, rather than the one layer rubbing your foot. I had previously been running in ordinary sports socks, but got a blister on the inner arch of one foot - turns out this was because there was a logo on that part of the sock Thanks Adidas! :(

I put a plaster over it as a cushion for a couple of days, then let the air at it. Now I have a bit of a mark, but it's not sore. You maybe want to rethink foot cream if you use it - you don't want your skin to be too soft or it is more likely to blister.

Hope this helps!


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