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Island hops and sweat boxes

I should have done W8R3 on Wednesday, but slept in as I was expecting to work a night shift, which didn't happen in the end, as I was told I'd be dropping people off and picking people up in the Caribbean instead. 3 islands in 3 days. Nowhere near as glamourous as it might sound.

So W8R3 happened in Grenada. In a small hotel gym with no air conditioning. The windows were open and occasionally a bit of breeze passed through, but it was ridiculously hot. I hadn't been on a treadmill since W5 R3, where I'd found it relatively easy compared to my usual route back home. However this time it wasnt like that at all. A tough run in tough conditions and stifling heat - plus I still unwittingly managed to pull the emergency stop button out (again!!) half way through. But I was pleased to finish week 8.

I decided I'd start week 9 in Barbados, without a days rest. However when it came to getting dressed I'd realised I'd only brought 1 pair of socks, and I'd used thm on my previous run. I pulled them out of my washing bag, but they were still sodden and smelt awful ( apologies if that's too much info!). I read on here last week that someone had got bad blisters running without socks, which in turn set them back even further.

I decided I'd go to the gym and if my trainers started to rub I'd stop and pencil it in as a 'warm up' for week 9. The gym was a small room with 2 treadmills, 2 bikes and a stepper. No air con and no towels. And was like walking into a sauna. I told myself there was no pressure and if I needed to stop that was fine. The only plus point was that there was a tv with football was on so I could see how long I had left without being disheartened with how little time had passed (it's all psychological with me!), plus it was a nice distraction.

I somehow managed the 30 minute run, though shortened my cool down walk as the sweat was pouring off me and I had to get outside where it was cooler. So I'm pleased I got the 2 runs done, and who would have thought I'd be looking forward to the cool autumn mornings next week, but I am, and with only 2 more runs to go...

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Wow what do you do for a living Slater, sounds great?! I too have been to a number of these gyms in the caribbean, including Barbados, St Lucia and Jamaica, and they are always small, hot and no air-con!! What is that all about??!

The best was in Antigua, where I got married, and it was open on all sides so you got the breeze coming in from the sea plus the views were terrific! Was still tough though cos that humidity and heat really drains you..... I really admire your determination to keep going. Not sure about "cool autumn mornings" though - at the moment its bloody freezing!!!

Keep going, you are not far off graduating now......! Sue


You're lucky you've been to these places on holiday, I'm only ever here for a day or two due to being cabin crew. I had heard there might be snow on the ground when I get home tomorrow morning - where has that come from?! I should probably amend that to 'cold mornings' and my next blog will be one long moan about how cold it is :-)


Yep we had snow last night Slater about 2" but most of it was away by this morning although the roads and pavements were icy so I didn't get out for a run. So I think I could say by the time you get home you will have lost 30C degrees. Ah bless, I feel sorry for you cos I'm heading off to the sunshine and a treadmill for 2 weeks next weekend, yippee. :) Well done on managing to slot in 2 runs on your island hopping days though, thats dedication for you.


Oooh have a lovely time away*. Landing at 5 am this morning was definitely a shock to the system. It was nowhere near as cold when I left last Thursday!

*not at all jealous ;-)


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