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Bye bye week 6 - that's another one crossed off!

Bye bye week 6 - that's another one crossed off!

Well, I made it through week 6 run 3 - not easy but I shuffled my way around the park and included an extra loop so I wouldn't end up running on the streets. However, last night's storm has left lots of puddles and soggy bits on the grass so now my poor running shoes need some serious attention before their next outing on Sunday. :-(

I am wondering if I should give hard surfaces (streets) a go but having had an attack of shin splints on W1 r1 that meant I had to rest and start again a week later I'm not really wanting to get them again at this stage. What surfaces are the rest of you running on?

I know we're not supposed to be concerned about distance but in my 25 minutes running I covered only about 3.3 km - it's about 4 if I include the 5 minute walk at the beginning. I'm wondering if I'm the slowest runner/shuffler ever? Trouble is - and I don't know if other people have this issue - I only have one "running" speed - there's no concept of faster or slower, just "keep shuffling on". When Laura said I could go faster for the last minute if I wanted that was irrelevant to me. Oh well - I suppose I now have plenty of longer runs to try and improve a bit.

Good luck everyone in your next runs - the though of everyone doing this really spurs me on each day!

PS - Someone sent me the picture on Facebook - guess it's OK to copy here!

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Hi, thinnerandfitter! Love the picture, so apt! Don't think anyone has escaped the rotten weather (except the tread millers) although I managed to choose the only dry 30 minutes today to do my run! I've been running on pavements and tarmac paths right from the beginning (graduated last Friday, but no badge yet:( ) and so far have been okay. I have been taking 2 days rest between runs as I had been feeling a few knee niggles and this seems to suit me better. As far as distance is concerned, I wouldn't be worried about it - I aimed to get to 30 mins and now I'm working on speeding up using the 5k+ podcasts in the hope of eventually covering 5k in that 30 mins. Good luck, we're all cheering you on!


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