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I'm back - sort of

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks as I've been away with work and then with the kids. I have managed to keep up with most of my running, but apparently my legs didn't like walking for 3 days round Legoland. I made it back on Sunday only to be cripped on Monday by sore shins. Intially I thought shin splints and was gutted to read I'd be off running for 2 weeks. However even though I've only done two really easy going runs this week they don't seem any worse, and most of the pain appears to have moved from my shins to my calfs. I took an extra day off running today, but I'm going stir crazy at the thought of not running.

Depending on how I feel tomorrow I'm going to take myself off to a lovely scenic run. I've promised myself I can walk whenever I want, and I promised my more experienced running friend that if I need to change my gait to avoid pain I will stop and rest for at least a week.

Wish me luck....

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Luck! but you don't need it - sounds like you're doing it fine. Resting when you need to and evaluating what's really going on. I think for most of us, our bodies need to catch up with our running aspirations! And they will, whether or not they like it! The run tomorrow sounds like a treat. Hope that you post an account of it...


Took another day off :-(( Going to try again tomorrow. Bet it rains, lol


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