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Week 6 done and dusted

I actually ran for 25 minutes! Listened to Laura saying five minutes and thought she would time check again at ten but no it was twelve and a half. Fantastic. I always turn back on my run on the half way point and I always find the latter half so much easier than the first. Is this psychological or am I at last getting my breathing and speed right? I am now looking forward to week 7 and doing twenty five minutes three times. Still can't believe that I am doing this at 68. All the blogs really help and I've learned so much from you all. I may actually graduate.......fingers crossed.

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No need to cross those fingers, gaterunner!! You are already 2/3 of the way through the program and going strong!! I absolutely agree that the latter half of runs seem to go by much quicker and easier than the first half!! For myself, knowing that I am on the "downhill" side is a wonderful thought!! Keep Running!!


well done, there is no doubt you will graduate! I also have the same feeling that it is somehow easier in the second half, I'm not sure if it just takes me 10-15 minutes to 'settle in' or if it's the psychological aspect of having done half and having less to go with every step.

You are doing great, you will have your badge before you know it!


Thats brilliant gaterunner! I too have just started W7 and might use your trick of turning back halfway to see if it makes it easier... Good luck!


Thank you all for your comments. What a brilliant encouraging community. Enjoyed my "rest day" today - three miles with dogs and friend this morning, Red Kite walk this afternoon and then a buggy walk with my grand-daughter. The weather up here in the north has been glorious, makes you want to be out and enjoy it. Tomorrow I will go out feeling much more confident that I can do 25 minutes again....and again ...and again.


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