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Wahoo, week two!

Tonight I shall be starting week 2! It's the start of my exercise week, so I have C25K tonight, step aerobics tomorrow, C25K Thursday, swimming on Friday and then C25K on Sunday.

On Saturday I have a huge concert event I've been organising so expect I shall be exhausted come Sunday but will give it a go!

At the moment exercising is giving me a great head break from life. Everything is very hectic, with lots to cram in, places to go, things to do so taking time out for exercise is forcing myself to take a break. I've not been sleeping well because of dreaming about the concert organising so this is as much of a break as I am getting!

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Wahoo I'm on W2 too! Did R1 this morning. Hope yours goes well this evening! Good luck with the concert.


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