Uphill or downhill - which do you find easier?

I always looked to avoid the uphill, or leave it for the last 5 min walk. But the last couple of times I have followed a route which has a slight downhill grade on the second half, and found it harder than the level. The energy used was a little less, probably because of downhill momentum but the impact on my joints was greater.

How does everyone else find it? Which do you prefer?

2 Replies

  • I tended to clench my toes when running down hill once i realised this and relaxed my feet it wasnt too demanding on the joints.

  • Ooohhhh these hills are the bain of my life! Downs are hard on my knees easy on the lungs. Ups are just plain hard all over ;) I'm working on one of the steepest hills in Aberdeen just now, oh I know I'm a masochist :) Its called Jacobs Ladder, perhaps I should rename it stairway to H (hot place). But you know if you want to go on and do 5K/10K runs you have to be able to get up the ups and safely down the downs.

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