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Back to the beginning. It felt good to be out there again!

Finally off the sidelines after my 4 weeks ankle injury. So I decided to test it out with week 1 of the podcasts just to see.

I am not pain free yet, but managed it yiphee!

It was amazing how quickly the 1 minute was over, when I first started the programme I used to puff my way through that minute wishing it to end. Realised we all come a long way after 9 weeks.

I remain cautious about the ankle, still taking anti-inflammatory meds. But moving onto week 2 on Monday, so fingers crossed

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Well done, take your time. There is no rush, slow and steady and you will definitely benefit in the long term.


Good to have you back burstcouch. Take it easy, I hope all goes well for you and most of all enjoy. :)


Hi good that your ankle held up, I think that it is one of the learning lessons about running that you sometimes have to go backwards again but can go forward again more easily. Hope so anyway. I have had a virus and am going out for the first time this pm. Going to try week 6 run 2 but will default to week 1 if its too tough! Keep that ankle up if you can.


thanks for the comments guys, walked 6km today and it was fine, a few twinges of pain.


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