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C25K+ Speed is working for me

I have a short run of 2 loops which I've done for about 4 months now just once in a while, I call it 'My Mad Dash'. So last week I used Speed when doing my mad dash. Normal time would be about 23.30 minutes for the 3.65K. Last week's Speed time was 22.50, this weeks Speed times, 21.51 and this morning 21.16. Thats knocked over 2 minutes off my time. I have to say though that this morning I was shattered and could not have gone any further as I really went for the PB time and managed to almost sprint on the last minute.

I love this programme, its in my opinion short and sweet but don't under estimate it, its hard too, so if you haven't tried it yet give it a go, what are you waiting for!?! :)

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I love your ethusiasim and energy old girl. Can you give me some please. Now out of action 3 weeks and I hate it!


I thought you were doing C25K on amphetamines there for a minute....

That will definitely get your pace up!



Speed is my favourite, I just can't face the endurance one. After 25 mins of running my knees hurt, my back hurts and my heart rate is sitting at 180+bpm.

I figure to carry on with the weight loss and keep my hand in the game by doing the speed c25k+ regular.


I tried speed for the first time today, because stepping stones has defeated me 4 times now and stamina is to scary to try! I like intervals and can keep up with the pace on speed, but doing 20 minutes at 160bpm required by stamina is not going to happen! I haven't kept a note of my distance but I don't think I'm going as far as c25k since I have to do lots of short, fast steps to keep up with the beat and I'm practically running on the spot! On some of my runs I'm also repeating c25k running at my usual pace on the walking parts and increasing my speed for the running intervals. Hopefully, a combination of all the podcasts will eventually work. Still, I did enjoy speed so I'll give it another go after the weekend :)


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