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Take that, weather! (Week 7, run 1)

That was a very good run considering the fact I was debating weather to go at all. I kept moving the first run of week 7 along the week the past days because it was so hot all the time! I even considered to go out at 6am before work one day, had the alarm set and all. And last minute decided it was too windy. Hm, I think I'm not a (very early) morning run person.

But today I went out at something like 26 degrees celcius because it looked like rain. And if I wouldn't have gone today I wouldn't have gotten all 3 runs in this week. And my judgement was very good. At the start of the cooldown walk it started to rain and it hasn't stopped yet. Don't ask me why, but it makes me happy that I "beat" the weather. Haha!

So out I went and on the same route I did the last run (which was also 25 minutes). This time I didn't manage to go that far, but because of the heat I think I still did pretty well. Mainly I'm happy I went out at all. And that I didn't give up after 20 minutes. Felt exhausted at this point but pushed it. You see me patting my own shoulder here. ;)

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