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You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try

It took me well over 9 weeks to get here, but I'm here! One more run and I'll be a C25K graduate!!! How do I get my diploma? :-) I am a 35 year old, overweight mother of two and I am running!!! I'm floored. So far I can only get in 2 miles in the 30 minutes but I plan to keep going. My first 5K run in October and my first 10K run will be in March. Yep, I said it...10K!! Can someone please tell Laura she needs to create a 5K to 10K podcast. I'm gonna need her help again. I have learned a very valuable lesson from this experience, and I am extremely proud and surprised at myself. I still shake my head in wonder...who knew I could ever become a runner. Wow. *Drops mike...walks off staage*

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Well done, I am nearly there only 2 runs to go and I have also agreed to a 10K in April!!! We will just have to push ourselves a little bit more but after doing this we can do anything!!!! Well Done again!


Well done!

There is now a follow on podcast available on the nhs site now too so good luck.

A great place to start doing timed 5ks would be Parkrun,

hopefully there is one near you? Great fun, friendly and it doesnt matter how long it takes to do it, it is all about improving your own time as you progress.


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