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Technical clothing

Hi guys, I am on week 5 run2, I did it yippee!!! Anyway was wondering if anyone had tried some of those compression leggings, or any other tech clothing that you think might be worth investing in?

Also I hav bought stability runners as I am flat footed, and had a back op in January so was advised to get some, I wear them for my runs, but then most of the day which I don't think is the best thing? Or is it ok? I don't really hav the money to buy more but if I'm ruining my feet I will get some more


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Hi, we're no experts but my hubby said to get some running shorts at least to provide compression and warmth to the muscles, so I'll be looking into that. It would be good to invest as it's to protect you. I'm going to look for some good running shoes to on my next pay day.

I'm about to start w4, keep it up x


The right shoes are way more important than anything else - there are lots of specialist types of clothes you could try but any comfortable non chaffing clothes will do the job as long as you feel OK wearing it


if you can afford it why not? i only got decent shoes to start with but have been on budget. ive been told after shoes, proper runnign socks are next priority !


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