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Keep on moving

Completed W7R2 the day before yesterday. It went fine, but as someone pointed out the music for this run is pretty awful so I'll be going back to the W6R3 podcast for tonight's run. I felt dead at the end of it but when Laura told me to push it for the last minute I did, and felt great afterwards.

On my trek training over the weekend, which was challenging, the guide commented that my cardio was really good on the tough ascents, so was pleased with that. My legs were a bit tired after the 2 days but felt good overall.

I saw that the graduate t-shirts are now available - 2 more weeks and I can buy one! Can't believe I'm nearing the end of this program. To think I struggled with running for 60 secs and the thought of running 90 secs the next week scared me. It's magic!

PS I just used to map my run for the first time and the stats are:


3.95 km9.4 km/h 6:19 mins/km 0:25:00 353.4

So if I stay at the same pace when I get to my 30 minute runs I'd be doing around 4.74km, which isn't too far off 5km. Will see in the next few weeks I guess:).

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Hi redsheep, thanks for the tip on; its just helped me to map my runs here in germany..I also realised that i'm going REALLY slowly..but hey not to worry that will come as they all say...w7r3 tomorrow - yippee!!!


Yeah it's a good website. I just discovered it by someone mentioning it on here. I don't want to carry my phone on these runs as it's heavier than my little ipod, so this website is good for me. Good luck for tomorrow. Week 8 next week!!


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