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Week 6 tiredness... is this what you were all talking about?

I did week 6 run 1 yesterday and it was tiring. To be fair I had been at a festival from Thursday to Monday...sleeping in a tent, regular eating out of the window and drinking too much beer. But I'd had 10 days off before going into week 5 and found that fine.

My breathing after the second run was really laboured even though it was at my usual pace and I had to slow down for the final run. I just felt so tired at the end of it, normally even though I'm sweating and 'worked out' at the end of a run I feel energized and have a spring in my step on the way home....this time I pretty much dragged myself back and didn't have the usual post-run smiley feeling.

Is this what people are talking about when they say week 6 is the most difficult? Or was it just me sweating out the hangover? Any tips for approaching tomorrow's run 2 gratefully received.

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I felt exactly the same on W6,R1. I thought it would be 'easy' after completing W5,R3 but it seemed so much harder, as did the next one. Two days rest after W6,R2 made all the difference and I think I almost 'enjoyed' W6,R3. :-/


Thanks Legion, it was just quite a slog! There's been more celebrating - involving alcohol- lately than usual too and pretty sure that doesn't help. I think I'll ban any friends from having a birthday/wedding etc before I complete week 9.

I'm going to leave run 3 until Monday, and get in a good long walk and some swimming in the meantime. I hope I can get through 25 minutes...can't imagine enjoying it after the way run 2 went, but you never know....


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