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Back in the "swing "again :-)

It has been a few weeks since I've run. I rolled my ankle about 6 weeks ago playing indoor soccer, The ankle slowly got better with physio then a bit of walking and have now worked back up to a slow jog (I'm usually pretty slow !) . Before the injury I was up to week 7 ,but did not feel confident gong back to week 7. I ran on Saturday morning trying to do week 5 but it was still a bit much, so this morning i tried week4r1 and It was really good . The first few minutes running are always the hardest for me and this morning was not different. After that first lot of running I seem to "get a roll on" and can keep a bit of a pace. Week 4 had enough walking breaks for me to get a bit of a rest and still feel strong at the end ! Feels so good to be out and running again , bring on the next run!

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I'm in the same boat! I was unable to run for almost 2 weeks and instead of embarking on week 9 I have gone back to week 6. My shadow looks a bit like a lurching zombie towards the end of the last run, but I'm still running!! Hopefully after a couple more runs I'll be back into it and can continue to the end.


That's the way slowly but surely seems to be the order of the day :-)


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