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Week 1 Run1 1- finally!!

Well- I found the programme months ago and kept thining I should do it, and I have to admit that the Olympics have indeed finally inspired me to get off my backside!! And even convinced the other half too!

I definitely under-estimated it, and found the runs harder than I thought, I nearly gave up before the end but pushed through, even if it did end up as more of a jog. However, the humungous hill from the park to home soon made up for that..calves really are sore today but looking forward to running again already though...I will make it to Rio 2016!!!

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AWESOME! I just ran 1 of week 3 and never dreamed I could. Week 1 run 1, I had to walk in spots. Just stay with it and go s.l.o.w...better to go slow then to not finish. You are in the hardest week in my opinion, just getting out there and doing it! Best of luck! Gayle


I TOTALLY agree that this is the hardest stage! (I'm only on week 1 run 3, so not really qualified to say that with any insight, but oh well!). The hardest I found was having the confidence to get out there and go for it!

Well done for pushing through. I walked my way through a few of the runs the first time, but my second time was better, I only stopped once during a run. I think it's fine to jog especially at these early stages and if you are not used to it. it's all about building up over time. You don't want to do yourself a mischief and put yourself off doing it again!


I second rollertoasters posting. My run/ jog is a very slow one!!


Well- I am slightly apprehensive about tonights run, week 1 run 2, simply because I am still stiff from the first run- hoping it eases up before I finish work!!


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