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Week 1- Runs 2 & 3... Liking this whole running malarky :)

Really enjoyed Week 1, was lovely to get out in the fresh air and get that ticker racing.

I mixed up my run times by running on one of my evenings off rather than after my nightshift. Run 2 was at around 2100hrs when it got cooler from the heat of the day- running in the summer heat is definatly something I'm not looking forward to! Run 3 was again after my last night shift, oddly I started getting a stitch on the cool-down, not sure if this is normal or not? But from other peoples experiences I practised my breathing and relaxing my stomach muscles and it seemed to subside- whether it will work as well whilst running is another thing entirely! I've really started to up my pace as well, according to Endomondo my average speed for the entire last run (including the brisk walk was 6.2km), which means I must have been quicker than that on my run parts- impressed myself much :)

From reading the blog posts on the forum I knew not to expect any weight loss and it was more likely that I'd lose inches. Before I started the programme I weighed 97kgs and now I weight 93... So BIG grin there. Not that I'm a scale fiend, I just hopped on the scales on my last nightshift by chance generally I don't even bother. I'm alot more motivated on my rest days to get out there and do exercise as well, you really get in the mind set to not waste the hard work from the day before by slobbing out on the sofa in the Evenings so I've taken up a Zumba class as well.

Very much looking forward to pushing myself on Week 2. Hopefully this healthy new obsession will stick :D

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Well done you for making such a good start, it's a brilliant program and you will get such satisfaction from your achievements. Good luck :)


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