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I just ran for 25 minutes!!!

Ok, so I knew that 25 minutes would not seem as bad after the dreaded Week 5 Run 3, but I was really not wanting to go for a run tonight. This is actually starting to become a habit, but I always seem to force myself out the door. I think what made it seem worse today was the rain. The last time I went running in the rain, it was torrential and windy. Let's just say I didn't enjoy it very much!

When I started the warm up walk though, the rain didn't seem that bad. In fact, it was actually quite nice! Then by the time I'd started running, I started to enjoy having the rain. It really helped keep me cool, and I found the 25 minutes to be almost... enjoyable! I know that at the start of the programme I would never have dreamed of saying that, but here I am. And Laura is now calling me a proper runner :)

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Well done it is a brilliant achievement to get out there and run when we really really dont want to!

I too love running in the rain, keeps me cooler, as long as it isnt windy aswell. And I just cant hack warm weather for running!


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