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Issues but I'm still here plus 05:57KM/09:42 mile!!

Issues but I'm still here plus 05:57KM/09:42 mile!!

I have had so many problems trying to get into this site lately; trying to blog & leave posts takes forever so I gave up for a little while and consoled myself with just reading everyone's questions and blogs, feeling thoroughly out of the loop :(

I have kept up with my running, but have found my post graduate freedom a little overwhelming, that combined with hot weather has made for some awful 'don't mention then' kind of runs. All my runs seem to be ending after 20 minutes, I am pushing myself but the weather has not been kind. Even in the midst of thunder storms and rain it is still too hot & muggy. Today was not much better but decided to just up & go for it anyway and the end result was my fastest KM to date - 05:57!! A new PB! :D And my fastest ever mile - 09:42.

I ran for 25 minutes & covered 4k. That didn't include warm up/cool down walk so I am pretty pleased with that.

OH has started C25K last Monday as we got a new treadmill, he is doing so well and going so fast - I keep telling myself it's because he has longer legs, surely that must be the reason! It can't be because I'm slower than him?? I'm competitive what can I say :p

The treadmill & I are not getting on well and I have yet to complete a proper run on it although OH loves it. I feel like I'm going to trip over my own feet and, as over romanticised as this sounds, I miss the breeze on my face and the fresh air** cleansing my mind.

I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks with a combination of healthy eating & exercise too and can only imagine that by losing weight I will become a better runner?? I hope so :D

Anyway it's nice to be back on here - I'm off to leave a lot of messages and read everyone's blogs :D

Happy jogging folks :D

** In reality polluted town air and breeze meaning gale force winds and driving rain!! Lol!

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I like the picture !

Men are just better designed for running fast so no point in worrying about how fast OH is - chasing him will be good practice ! :-)

I'm still finding a few problems with the way the site is working, not being able to see replies etc. I hope it will soon be back to normal.


Love your blog.

Breeeze on your face....fresh air..... you're getting the whole experience :)


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