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Wk6R3 done, but running without having anything to eat was probably not the best idea!

I learnt something about running this morning, which I haven't encountered so far in the programme, and that is: always have something to eat before you head out. I know it sounds obvious, but I heard from someone a few years ago (who also has a body like a tank) that going for a run first thing in the morning, before you have anything to eat, is the best time to go.

So I thought I would try this "expert" advice today. My verdict? It's a load of rubbish. Actually, I could probably think of a better adjective to use, but I know what the rules are about language! I felt ok in the first 10 minute run, but I was only a couple of minutes into the second run when I started feeling rubbish. My calves were sore (a first!), I was absolutely roasting, and all I wanted to do was walk.

Long story short though, I did eventually finish the run, but I remember willing Laura to tell me I only had 60 seconds left. I still feel the same way as I did way back in the first week, and that is that no matter how horrible a run is at the time, it is always worth it after. Even if it is when you're having a scone and a cup of tea!

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I'm on week 7 and I go out early in the morning and have never eaten until at least an hour after each session. It works fine for me. I guess the answer is that each individual has to find out what is best for them and stick with it. When you are only talking about half an hour of moderate exercise I doubt the eating before/not eating before issue is a crucial one anyway!


I suppose that's true. Maybe if I'd had something small to eat and then waited a while before heading out, I might have felt better. It could also just have been a bad day. It's not put me off though - I'm looking forward to starting the longer runs :)


Here's me advocating abstinence - one of these mornings starvation will get the better of me, and some poor dog walker will find a small pile of bones and fur where they had expected to find their precious pooch!


I have a cup of tea and a couple of bites of banana just before I go out and then have breakfast when I come back. It just depends on the individual, some people cannot run until the evening after all the meals during the day, just listen to your body and do what is right for you. Happy running :)


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