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This is such hard work!

Think I may be a little repetetive! W7R1 I went a different way (or do I mean 'route', I didn't go backwards sideways or anything like that)...quite a big thing for me, I've been running the same route for 5 weeks. The slope wasn't getting any easier so I'm now going a different way. Think I'm going to end up repeating this one ad nauseam! I wake up very tired and go downhill from there. It definitely gets 'not quite so hard' as the run progresses, and something very interesting that I've noticed is that if there's anyone around, I run a tiny bit faster! I didn't go out till 8am so I had 3 dog walkers to speed up for. I really love the fact that when Laura says 5 mnutes have gone, I think 'is that all?' but when she says 20 have gone, I think 'what,already?' I need to get more sleep before R3 but I have to say that I'm quite impressed with myself for turning out every time!

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Well done, Stayinbed! Your new route sounds good. Your stamina must be building up nicely if you can think "What, already?" when Laura announces 20 minutes have gone. My reaction, I'm sorry to say, is still, "At last! Thank goodness! I was hoping you were going to say 60 seconds left, Laura!" I am hoping that W7R3 tomorrow will be better, feel a bit stuck on the 25 minutes at the moment.


Hope today's run went well Soozz! I'm planning to do my upslope run tomorrow but I may just find myself beetling towards the flat run! I'm tellingmyself I'll do it but the spirit and the flesh get weak when I get round the corner to the parting of the roads!


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