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Week 6 done :)

Finished week 6 last night. Very happy with myself. I managed to get into a good pace and kept that for the whole run, except in the last minute when Laura said I could step up the pace. I was feeling good then so I did. I felt good throughout the whole run. My breathing was ok too which was great - I expected to be breathless! I only felt uncomfortable because of the heat (like someone was holding a fire against both my cheeks!), but apart from that I was happy.

My shins feel a small bit sore/uncomfortable today. Hoping that will pass with rest.

Bring on week 7 tomorrow........

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Well done! I know at that stage I didn't have enough left in me to step up the pace :D Make sure you are fully rested before you head off out again though as the longer runs will only serve to make your shins more uncomfortable. Better to have an extra days rest if you need it than do yourself a michief.

Good luck for the rest of the programme :)


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