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Get ready Week 5, here I come!

So, today I finished w5r1, which was (suspiciously) easy. I say suspiciously because I have a feeling the next one might completely floor me, but I suppose I can't know until I try it :)

I'm very proud because my sister just took up the plan, and she was asking me all sorts of questions about week 1. I found myself replying "Oh, don't worry, week 1 is E-A-S-Y!"

But then it struck me -- week 1 wasn't easy at all! It just seems easy now because of all the progress I've made, and looking at it in that way it's amazing that only 4 and a half weeks ago I couldn't run for 60 seconds without nearly face-planting the floor. I can't imagine how amazing you graduates must feel knowing you can run for 30 minutes without stopping :)

So anyway, onward with week 5... hopefully I will manage the next runs as well as I managed today's :D

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Yes its easy to forget how we felt on our first run, keep posting your runs then you will be able to read them back as the weeks progress, dont worry about this week you will be fine if you have completed all previous runs. ;)


Yes I agree, keep posting about your runs on your way through as the progress is amazing and it's easy to forget the early struggles.


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