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Last "proper" training run before the Drymen 10K

Last "proper" training run before the Drymen 10K

I ran from Saltash (home) to Plymouth Hoe. 6.49 miles; it was hot; the grinding, strength draining, sweaty, chucking water over myself "hot" that arrives in the dog days of August.

OH met me on the Hoe with a pre-packed bag of more water, a wet flannel, towel and deodorant, and a change of clothes and shoes. One quick trip to the large loos on the Hoe and I was good to go, although the little old lady coming out of her cubicle was a trifle startled to see me flannelling myself off at the one and only sink there! (I was still dressed at this point I hasten to add). I did explain to her that I had just run 6+ miles and needed to freshen up!

Anyway, that's that. Apart from a couple of short interval type runs (3 or 4 miles max) anywhere I can find to run oopcountry (we are off on our hols tomorrow) I will not be doing anything else till the event. Photos will follow!

Have a great couple of weeks all you athletes!!


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Lovely photo Carolec! Your OH sounds like a star! Have a great time on your holiday, look forward to hearing how you get on!


Have a great time Carole, good luck with the race.

See you later!


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