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Has anyone tried the website walkjogrun to map your routes??? and can anyone recomend any other good sites for running??

Has anyone tried the website walkjogrun to map your routes??? A collegue of mine who is a regular established runner recomended the website . I have registered and been able to map several potential jogging routes around my local area, also telling me the the distance, set speed and time, hills / elevation and also calories.

give it a go.

does anyone know of any othe interesting map sites?

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Sounds good, I'll give it a go. I have been using to calculate distances etc but hills and elevation aren't covered in it and there are an awful lot of hills here, would like to put them into the mix.


I use Endomondo to log my runs - I use the phone app to record the route but you can draw them on a map manually on their website.

I also use bikehike when I'm looking for interesting places to run (or bike ride)

Bikehike includes gradients which is nice to know too.


I use Runtastic for GPS and time etc. But Goodrunguide to pre-map my routes, its great.


I've been using Endomondo. It can be a bit temperamental so I tend to make sure it's got the GPS and tracking by walking round the garden before I set off.

More generally - there's a good Runner's World Guide on the web at


I LOVE WalkJogRun. Been using it over a year now. I also use their iPhone app which is the best I've seen so far and it is the only app that shows the closest results to my Garmin. LOVE IT! WalkJogRun also lets you track routes from the app. Or you can run someone elses route using the GPS and see your route in red over the actual route in blue to see if you sticked to the course.


Sounds really good, I will download the app and give it a go, using Nike + at the moment but not too sure how accurate the tracker is. Thankyou for your reply. :-)


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