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wk 6 run 2 repeat but harder this time we but Did It. mapping new routes with walkjogrun website. its brilliant!!!

Hi All

my wife and i have recently come back from holidaying in Anglesey last week where we still managed to run 3 times finishing off wk 5 run 3 and wk6 runs 1 & 2. Weather was fantastic for a change lol :-)

I was very pleased to have completed the 20 min run and found it easier than i thought and proceded onto the wk 6 r1 and the 10 min runs of run 2. I managed the run 2 but my wife had to stop after 5 mins of the second run. We think it was due to running in the morning sun (it was hot).

we arrived home and agreed to re do wk6 r 2 so that my wife could complete. the issue we have is that where we live wherever we run we encounter hills. we both managed it, even though there were 2 steam engines encouraging each other on up the final hill home. WE DID IT!!! my wife was exstatic. I found this really hard but dug deep.

My issue / worry is that the next run is 25 mins and i found the 10 minute runs hard. How are we going to do it???

A friend of mine recomended the website Walk Jog Run which you can map out your routes, it also tells you distance, speed, time, calories etc, oh and also hills / elevation.

We have mapped a new route together that should take us 3 miles and hopefully avoiding lots of hills. still have the dreaded last hill home though haha!! We shall let you know how we get on.

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I have a hill on my return route home from wherever I run, but I choose to walk this. I plot my routes so I'm out for ~40mins; that is 30mins of the podcast and finishing in the village, then no matter how much walking or running each week entails, I have a an extra ~8-10 mins walk up the hill to home.


Know what you mean about hills!

Well done, both of you, for getting W6R2 under your belts. You will be fine with the 25 minute run. It's an effort but the plan leads you to each of these milestones.

Good luck, keep in touch.


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