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This morning was the first time on a run day I was thinking, ohhhh, maybe I'll just give it a miss. And then, I found myself out running! Not quite sure how that happened, but I'm so glad, cos I ran for 31mins (the length of my homemade playlist) and I've just measured the distance on googlemaps and it was just a bit over 5K! Yay yay yay! Can't believe I actually did that, and it's getting easier, finally! So that's Wk8R3 done and onto the big league Week 9 in two days!

I'm thinking of working up to doing a CaniX 5k race with my youngest dog as a longer-term goal, does anyone else do that?

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well done thats great! I am nowhere near 5k yet so will try to up my speed when I finish week 9 x good luck with week 9


Well done, you must be feeling great, enjoy your next three runs! Graduation not far off now


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