Well that's that done. I left off my uphill run and did streets,footpath through a field and canalside, so plenty of variety. My phone messed around again, so I was late getting up. I didn't sleep too well, kept waking and wondering if it was time to go. I didn't go till nearly 8am and I was so tired the idea of not going did flit across my mind. BUT I went. Very tired and didn't know if I could do it but it sort of got easier. I meant to add a minute to compensate for looking backwards to encourage my dog but when 25 miins was done, well, so was I and I stopped. I'd gone a little bit faster in the last 5 mins so I think that will have compensated. I feel strangely comforted by the fact that this week can't get any worse than today - unless I go up the slope on the next run. W7r1 done...hooray! Going to try and 'mapmyrun' now.

Another day at the sewing machine so very inactive apart from the run. I hope to get my life back soon when I've caught up with my sewing projects. Can't do anything tomorrow as I'm out all day till late.

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  • Well done - it's not easy when you're tired. I hope the next one goes well.

  • Thanks Annie, R2 was tiring too, although getting started was prob the worst bit! I'm very lucky in that Laura saying 'halfway through' comes as quite a surprise which is very good. Just wish I enjoyed the music):

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