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Im nearly there!!!

After doing a 12hr night shift last night.I Finished work at 7am this morning.

I went to bed at 8am and only managed 3.5 hrs sleep.Got up and took dogs

for a 1.5hr walk, ive just also done my 3rd run in wk 7 :-))). Never in a million

years would i have done that run. im so pleased with my progression, im nearly

there. i wish i had of started running years ago, Im 46 and over weight, hence why

im doing it. Keep going everyone dont give up. Reap the benifits to your health,we

can do it. <3 xx

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You are a star! I can't imagine doing anything much - particularly not running - after a long night shift plus v little sleep. (Poor you, it's awful trying to sleep in the day when it's warm and school holidays are on). Absolutely brilliant that you managed to do the W7R3 run and it went well. I'm struggling a bit at the moment with the 25 minute runs, but am taking 2 days' rest and hopefully W7R2 will go better than R1 did when I do it tomorrow. Thanks for your encouraging words, I will keep going. Hope you have a better sleep today.


Thanks Soozz, you keep up the good work,

and the very best of luck with future running.


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