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New to the community and just started week 2!

Hi! My name is Gayle and I am from Kansas. I just started last week using the run double app. on my smart phone. I must say, 60 seconds sounded like a breeze until I actually did it!!! By my 3rd time out, I seemed to be doing better. Last night was my first session of week 2. I was scared to even try but I pulled through in better shape then my experiences of week 1. I'm 49 years old and slow, but I did it! As I have the young/fit ones pass me on the path, I just keep telling myself at least I'm out trying to do something for my health. This is such an awesome community and I am loving reading all the blogs and learning from all of you.

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Well done that is brilliant and you are already feeling the benifits of the programme. Just stick with it and you will get there.


Hi, I did the first run of the first week on Saturday, accompanied by my 19rd old daughter who went run the local park twice as many times as me.

Just kept telling myself "I was 19 and not asthmatic once"!


Hi Gayle, I am also on Week 2 and have just completed run 1. I've had a couple of false starts with the programme and got up to week 6 - it definitely works! Keep going.


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