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Speed in km

I'm on week 5 and now that I can run a little I've started to think about speed - I want to make sure mine counts as running! I run on a treadmill and just go with what feels comfortable. I've worked up to 7.5 kmph. Most speed related blogs people talk in mph so I'm not sure how I'm doing. I feel I could, maybe, go faster now on the 5 mins, but this week it's working up to 20mins and I don't want to overstretch. Is 7.5kmph reasonable?

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If you feel you are having to work hard and find each interval more challenging, then the speed is right for you!

My own tortoise like "speed" during the running intervals when I started out on a treadmill was 6.5 kph (walking briskly was 5.6).

In my defence, I would point out that I am very vertically challenged, was very very overweight, hadnt run for 35 years or so - and am also "getting on a bit"! :-P

I knew I was working hard at that pace (as in - huffing and puffing, sweating and beetroot red by the end of it!)

Please don't worry too much about speed, as long as you are pushing yourself then you are doing fine, and it is about building up stamina for now.


don't worry about speed, if you are comfortable with what you are doing. When you move on to the 5k+ podcasts you will be able to run to a beat and that will have the effect of speeding you up if you want. 7.5 sounds sensible for distance and you will be doing fine if you keep that up for 30 minutes by week 9.


i think i graduated on 7.5kph....

I can now manage 9.5kph....

speed converter:

7kph = 4.4mph

7.5kph = 4.66mph

8kph = 4.97mph

8.5kph = 5.28mph

9kph = 5.59mph

9.5kph = 5.9mph

10kph = 6.21mph


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