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HELP - stop and now cant get started

I stopped after week two and started again but then stopped due to weather and now i cant get back into the rythym of running again - did joing the gym and go regularly at lunch time and cycle them do 1000m rowing but when it comes to running i find i dont have the time or motivation how do i get back into it i used to feel amazing after running but the time i started it back up again i ended on a bad run and dont think that has helped me :-( really dissapointed in myself but dont now how to snap out of it any suggestions anyone felt the same

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Do you remember the very first time you set out to do your first ever run, if you were anything like me you had been building up the courage for a good many days. Well that first tentative step has been done a while ago, you know what to expect, you've said you felt amazing after running so "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GET ON OUT THERE" Good luck, its much better than rowing in a gym although there is no reason why you can't add that to your exercise schedule too. ;)


writing the blog shows running is in your mind so you aren't totally avoiding the subject- that's very good, you're well on the way to getting out there and doing it. Try using the gym treadmill while you are there and if you only have time for 2 machines, make one of them the treadmill. That will ease you back into running without feeling you have to make extra time for it. We look forward to hearing how you get on :)


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