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Just Checking In - Still Not Progressed past Week 1

Truth be told ive been ill bad knee terrible tummy spams having me doubled over, I have an appt with the doctor thise evening and will see what is said and take it from there.

While im not running i am still taking the dog out for a 45 minute walk most evenings so I am still moving which is more that I was doing 2 weeks ago !!

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I hope you feel okay soon. Well done for getting out there and keeping moving. :) Let us know how it goes.


Hi Legion,

Thank you - I was so proud of myself for completing week one so i am truly gutted i've now missed a whole week of running, but ive been non stop walking the dog tidying and clearing out rubbish from the garden, mowing the lawn, all the usual bits that i usually shy away from or do half heartedly i've put a bit more into it this time around x

ill update after seeing the gp


It certainly sounds as if you are doing the right thing in having a break from running. I'm impressed you are still managing to do so much. Hope you feel better soon.


Doc says NO running till pain in knee totally gone, now the other one hurts, prob over compensating trying to not put pressure on the 1st one

i havent dont much of anything last couple days i've had bad tum since last sunday and doc said most prob IBS but over the last few hours much worse - poss Gastroenteritis so am doing as little as i can get away with while looking after 3 little ones.

Will get back to it once im feeling fit again


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