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Nice but sloooow

A strange run from start to finish!

I began feeling stiff and not properly warmed up, it took until about half way to get into a rhythm and to start to feel comfortable. At the end I was so zoned out that I missed Laura telling me to stop so I ended up running for 30 mins. Also it was warm and my legs felt tired so I was running 1-1.5km/hr slower from the start ( maybe thats why I was able to keep going at the end!?)

What I learned this run:

*Wet weather makes blackberries massive, I discovered lots of potential picking spots while I was out today

*Double layer running socks make your feet really hot - I will be looking for other ways to avoid blisters (just had rubbing on my feet so far but not far off a blister)

*I can run through being tired

*It probably takes me longer than 5 mins to warm up

*I CAN RUN FOR 30 MINUTES, I know I'm just on week 7 but I now have the confidence going into the rest of this week and W8 & 9

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Well done and good luck with the rest of your runs :)


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