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Week 9 not getting any easier RANT!!!

Although this is my w9r2, it is now my third 30 min run (I used the 10k app instead of c25k on week8r3 which was 30 minutes instead of 28) Jeez... This is not getting any easier! I normally go out about 7am but I held off until 9ish hoping that the rain would stop but it didn't. About half way through, I couldn't get past someone on the path with their brolly and had to go onto a busy road (they must have heard my heavy breathing as i was nearly dying at this point grrr)Then just after that, the road I had to cross was too busy with cars and there were lots of people at the bus stop which is where I have a small hill to climb. Well, it put me off and I took the shorter route instead and then cut through the park near to where I should have been on the other route. I have to say I am a bit cheesed off! I had it in my mind to do the same route as last time as I mapped it for exactly 5k.

I am hoping that I can get out earlier on my final run and that it doesn't rain. I feel it went against me today. I think I only did 4.55k in 30 minutes slower than last time. Surely I shouldn't be getting worse. Anyway rant over with.

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I had the same issue on my second run of week 7. I suppose it will get easier but we will have to put up with the pain for the time being. Just think how different it will be in a month or so. Also remember how hard it was at the beginning; could you imagine then running for a whole 30 minutes. Back then even 15 would have seemed so hard, now it would be relatively simple. Just keep at it and remember the more pain you have, the more you are pushing your body and the more it will adapt and turn into a runner


Well done on that run in difficult condition!

Remember. You will have good runs and then you will have bad runs, honest! All sorts of factors contribute. And please don't let the rain put you off, it is fab - it cools you down a treat!

As my big sis (took up running aged 47 and now training for her 7th marathon, Snowdon!) says - you should never regret any run that you do! You learn from bad runs far more than from good. The only failure is not going out to run!


Thanks. Looking back, I have come along way. Week 1 was really hard and I never thought I would last 20 minutes but I did it. I am working hard at keeping fit and lose weight. I started off as a rather blobby runner but now I am slowly getting to body beautiful. Lol It has been bloody hard work but I am pleased with the results so far.They say Rome wasn't built in a day! Lol I think I am too keen to get to 5k in 30 minutes and I just need to be happy that I can even run that


Thanks deryn61. Wow your sister is very inspiring. I do seem to think every run should be good. At least I got off the couch and did it so it wasn't a failure. Thank goodness for this site that puts things into perspective :)


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