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W9 R3 completed - just about - can I call myself a graduate?

I went on holiday determined to do my graduation run while I was there but couldn't find the time. I did do lots of swimming and walking.

So a week late I nervously set off to do W9 R3. I found it really tough and I was struggling after 10 minutes but I just kept going and made it to the end.

Endomondo says I did 2.77 miles (4.5K) in 38 minutes, including walking sections.

I haven't done 30 mins three times in one week, I'm nowhere near 5K, I'm painfully slow, it's still hard work BUT I have completed every single C25K run.

Am I a graduate?

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Yes, definitely! You've done the whole programme. You've run for 38 minutes!!!! You've done almost 5K (you're very near) and I think the concept is 30 mins or 5K not as well as. I don't think speed matters from what everyone tells me, it can be worked on as a post-graduate!!!

Congratulations, you've done it. Hero!


You most certainly are and congratulations on your sucsess.


Just noticed my graduate badge - woohoo!! Who'd have believed it just a few weeks ago?


You deserve it! Try not stopping, and push hard for the 5K.


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