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Week 5, here come the nerves :o(

Just been out and done my last run of week 4, It felt harder than the previous 2 runs but I haven't slept too well for a couple of days, and I've felt tired and sticky with the hot weather so I'm really pleased that I finished the whole run and covered further than previously.

But I'm now worried about week 5, run 1 looks ok although I've probobly jinxed myself by saying that but I just can't imagine at this point how on earth I'm going to run for 20 minutes by the end of this week!

It just seems like such a huge step!

I really want to do this and I'm going to give it everything I've got as I hate being defeated but It would be great to hear from anyone who's been there done that and lived to tell the tale. Is this going to be as hard as it sounds or am I worrying about nothing?

I know there are some many of you out there who have either graduated or are further along that me and I would love to hear from anyone about your experience of this part of the program.

Thanks in advance

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This morning I run W5R2, and was amazed that I managed both 8 minute runs. The best advice I've heard is take each run as it comes and don't look ahead to the next run. The program works, look at how many people on here are graduating.

Look back to week one, I bet you thought you couldn't do that either, but here you are running for 5 min already.


Agreed! I've completed Wk5R1, doing Wk5R2 later and no idea how I'll cope with running 20mins on Friday, but it's good to keep challenging yourself. It's so true that you should just 'take one run at a time'.

I also find these blogs really back and see how people are coping with earlier runs so you can see how far you've come...and read ahead to see that 73 year olds and people who never thought they could run have completed the programme! We're all in this together, you can do it!

Sounds like you already have a great attitude, so go for it!


I didn't think I could do it. I did run 2 twice to put off the fateful run. I told myself that I wasn't ready, that I couldn't do it. Then I realised I was just prevaricating. Just go out and give it a go I thought. And I did it! I cannot describe the feeling of elation I felt when Laura said it was time to slow down for the warm down walk. I had done it! And you will too. Believe in yourself and all the hard work you've put in until now and go out and do it. You'll feel great!


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