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Week 9 Run 3 done. Now tme for the Olympics!

No, its not hopelessly unrealistic expectations, just a very happy coincidence that I finished the last run on the day I have tickets for this evening's Olympics athletics session. And without any wish to disrespect any of the amazing athletes I'll see, I'm going to mentally gatecrash one of the medal ceremonies and award myself an Olympics bronze. And everyone in this community will be standing with me on that figurative podium. Thank you to every one of you - you have all inspired me!

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I think it should be a gold! Hope you had a brilliant time at the Olympics. We saw weightlifting on Monday and the atmosphere was brilliant! Can't imagine how fab it would be to be in the athletics stadium! :-)


Thank you so much! The athletics was amazing - fantastic atmosphere and just so much fun - don't think I have ever experienced 2 1/2 hours fly past so fast before. Didn't even have time to think about my own (mental) medal.


Hey, well done! I agree with pingle, I think it should be gold too!


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