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Week 2 Run 2

Tonight I got to kick my butt to go out, I went at 20h instead of 19h but I still did it.

It's getting easier each time! I pay attention to the type of food I eat and I drink more water, hopefully at the end of these 9 weeks I will have slim down.

Although it went well I have a bit of pain in my right knee, I will have to be carefull because I have the goal to complete the 9 weeks.

Again keep up everyone we can do it!!


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Well done. Be careful with your knee and make sure you rest it properly. I found I was getting a few aches and pains so left 2 days between runs in the end and it made a huge difference so might be worth trying that going forward. .


Thanks for your encouragement. I will let the weekend pass and run again on Monday for the week 3 ;) The pain is much less but still I will be careful


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