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Anyone suffer from vertigo?

So I did the week 1 run 1 and had a great time. My very fit 15yr old son came with me and was really encouraging. Unfortunately, before run 2, I was struck down with a really bad case of vertigo that doesn't want to go away. Three doctor's visits later I still can't tell when I'll be able to restart the program. I'm so discouraged right now and not just with the program. I'm hoping the new meds they prescribed will help. The only other option is to have my boyfriend follow me in the car in case I fall out lol. Does anyone else out there have vertigo? Do you have any suggestions?

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I have been suffering from vertigo for a number if years now. I started running last year when I was having a very good spell so initially did not encounter much trouble until after I completed the programme.

At the minute I haven't run for nearly 5 weeks; you can tell yourself you will feel better tomorrow and go then but wake up feeling twice as bad. I normally make a week by week plan to help motivate myself but know if I have to change it so be it.

Stress and anxiety are not a good mix with vertigo so don't put too much pressure on yourself you. At the beginning I was feeling like I was failing not going out but there was nothing else I could have done.

I hope the meds help.



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